Work Biography

I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and I was a Teacher in Public High School for 20 years in Serbia.

Painting has been my love since I was young, but I have been actively painting for 20 years.
I have participated in many group Exhibitions and received many thanks for showing my works.

In 2022, I Exhibited my works in the Queen Elizabeth Gallery – Oakville.

I am a member of Artworks Oakville.

In September, I Exhibited my work at the Art in My Garden Exhibit on the Streets of Lake Shore in Oakville.

During New Year’s and Christmas, I like to paint shop windows.

Holiday Artisan Market, hosted by Elizabeth Gardens Creative Collective (EGCC), 9- th December,2023.


Coffee Art Exhibition in Dubai, from 28 December 2023 to 28 January 2024.


Exhibition in the Queen Elizabeth Corridors of the Municipality of Oakville.

January 22, 2024