About me.


My name is Tatjana Arsić.

I live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Dive into the world of Wine, Coffee, Oil on canvas and Acrylics.

Art is a Magic world with wonderful colors.

For two decades, with Acrylic and Oil on canvas, numerous of my works were created.

And then Wine and Coffee came into my Magical world of painting.

Vinorel is an old painting technique that has been somewhat forgotten.

Paintings created with Wine are “Living” and will not look the same after a year.

Wine oxidizes, so red paintings slowly turn brown.

Coffee is an ideal material for creating wonderful works of Art.

In this kind of Art, we can see how generous Nature has been to us by giving us wonderful materials to paint with but also to enjoy them by consuming them.

Art is my life.

Art really brings beauty and changes to our lives.